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Hi everybody I hope that you will read this one.

Please, stop to send me some note in Turkish language. I don't understand it. Please write me in English. Thank you so much.

Ne mutlu Turk'um diyene :D (I know that ;))

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bywebcan Mar 14, 2012  Hobbyist
yea surely u r stupid dumb.

haha. thank you.
Al-Zoro Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like Turks more now thanx to you... =D
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Bom bok bir galerin var..
Nice gallery!!
mediano Feb 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Hmm... Interesting. My nation's flag. It seems like you don't speak Turkish, are you related to anyone who's Turkish, maybe your parents... The thing is I'm trying to understand your interest in Turkish flag...

Your work is kinda cool i think, they make the image of Turkey seem like it's not a conservative country... sadly it is a conservative one and in a really annoying way most of the time...

Well, there's one thing about your stuff actually... for us Turks. The Turkish history is kinda senstive structured based on its issues full of sacrifices by our ancestors... So that red is said to be come from the wasted blood on the way to salvation of the nation. So you know,.. when that red color lies on a hot female body, usually it cannot be considered as a fully acceptable visual material for the most. That would be the reason when you get a negative comment on your work by a Turk... just wanted to give you a heads up...

Other than that, have a nice day...
Thanks, I've many Turkish friend and my great parents are from Serbia in Ottoman Empire.

From what I read and heard the Turkish flag has nothing to do with blood but with the sun in the sky and the rivalry with the Byzantine Empire which was the representation of Christianity.
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